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What if you could improve school-to-student communication, create a central hub on-campus to keep students informed daily, and deliver campus announcements using the full opportunity of the digital landscape? What if on top of all this, you were able to understand how well the message performed, had the opportunity to constantly improve communication with students and the ability to increase engagement with your campus audience?

SkoolLive exists to improve school-to-student communication through our on-campus digital kiosks, utilizing the full power of our hyper-connected
interactive network. We aim to assist schools, teachers and parents to better communicate with students while on-campus, inspire young people to achieve all they can, and play an active role in their local community.

Learn more about the SkoolLive Network and the amazing benefits we can bring to your campus below.

Better School-to-Student Communication
Interactive Communication + Responsible Marketing = SkoolLive Campus Network

Interactive Communication


Responsible Marketing

  • News & Upcoming Events
  • Principal & Admin Updates
  • Changes in Class Schedules
  • Home Game Video Highlights
  • New Skool Store Products
  • Student Feedback
  • Live Student Voting
  • Birthday Notices

Informed Students Are Inspired Students

The hyper-connected digital network of SkoolLive enhances school-to-student communication in ways no other network can. Our unique digital portal allows school administration and on-campus staff to manage, upload, and deliver daily messages that are vital to life on campus.

Using high definition, interactive digital messaging, along with video and audio capabilities, schools now have the opportunity to tailor daily communication that ensures messages are not only seen and heard, but delivered in a way their digital native students understand and prefer.

Not Just A One-Way Conversation Anymore

Our digital kiosks empower students and give them a voice so they can communicate with their school daily. Through interactive network capabilities, you can increase student engagement and improve the social conversation with your campus audience. By offering the chance for students to vote, leave comments and request information, the SkoolLive network provides another touchpoint on-campus for an actual conversation with your students.

This improved daily communication with students gives every school the ability to better understand their student community and constantly improve campus communication by evolving the way they engage with students.

Improve Parent Engagement

Parents now have increased campus presence with the SkoolLive network, providing new ways to communicate with their students while at school. The on-campus kiosks serve as an exciting new platform for parents and family to deliver meaningful messages to their students while at school.

Want to send a 5-day student shoutout across campus and make this a year to remember? Want to become a recognized skool supporter and actively contribute to student opportunities on-campus?

With the SkoolLive STUDENT SHOUTOUT, family and friends now the ability to post a 5day message to that special student on-campus. With the ability to upload images and personalize your message, the SkoolLive network gives you the opportunity to make this year one to remember.

SkoolLive offers RECOGNIZED SKOOL SUPPORTER packages that directly impact campus fundraising and highlight your family’s commitment across the campus network to actively support new opportunities for students.

Student Shoutout!

Lift the Fundraising Burden

Every school within the SkoolLive network receives the on-campus kiosks at zero cost to the district. Once on-campus, the digital network becomes a powerful tool that lifts the very real burden of fundraising from teachers that has existed for decades to keep student programs alive.

The reality is, as student educational opportunities shrink due to lack of funding, student attendance, grade point averages and overall graduation numbers are impacted. With greater fundraising support, teachers and faculty are able to focus more time on teaching and supporting students.

Ways We Support Fundraising On-Campus:

Every school within our network has direct access to their own dedicated, Campus Advocates. Access to this experience allows schools to create engaging and effective solutions for raising financial support, while alleviating the very real, often unmanageable burden of fundraising.

Greater opportunities for each student

Improve Student Opportunities

Our Campus Advocates are dedicated to improving students’ experience as a whole. We not only help improve communication with students on-campus, but support your school’s conversations with the surrounding community as well.

By helping schools develop the right partnerships with local supporters, we actively create more opportunities for students while building the local community.

What DOES THIS really mean for students?

  • Greater opportunities for each student
  • Increased desire to attend campus
  • Improved student engagement in and out of the classroom
  • Positively inspire student development

Our Commitment to Responsible Marketing


SkoolLive exists to give students access to as many oncampus opportunities as possible that are designed to improve their schooling experience. Along with that, SkoolLive understands the very real burden every school encounters as they strive to support existing student programs and find the funding required to give students every chance to succeed.


The fact is, for decades, schools have not been adequately supported by the commercial presence on-campus that continues to capitalize on the captive student audience. Oftentimes, the teachers and faculty do not have the time or understanding to manage these commercial opportunities at school. The result: the students and quality of their education suffers.


SkoolLive does NOT exist to subject students to even more advertising, on-campus or otherwise. We advocate on behalf of schools to address the preexisting campus access each school is giving away, often without any financial return for schools.


With SkoolLive, every school has access to their very own team of Partnership Advocates who are passionate about finding solutions, creating more opportunities for students and protecting the campus environment. By developing relationships with the right supporters, both national and regional, SkoolLive is having a real impact for local schools while building the local community.

Contact SkoolLive today to learn more about our commitment to responsible marketing.

Want to Join the SkoolLive Network?

If you are interested in joining the SkoolLive network, or want to better understand how we can help your school improve communication with students, contact us today and one of our Campus Advocates will be in touch.