Welcome to the SkoolLive Blog

Welcome to the all-new SkoolLive blog. Our goal with beginning this blog is to highlight various topics and challenges faced by schools and their supporting partners, as well as educate parents on how SkoolLive works with schools to meet funding challenges in a world where education is more important than ever.

SkoolLive is a dynamic partner with schools, providing creative solutions to funding challenges. With the blog, we plan to highlight best practices for schools, as well as their supporting advertising partners, and showcase the many success stories as examples of how more schools can be successful too.

Just like our on-campus kiosks, our goal is to facilitate success and alleviate the stresses caused by funding and fundraising, allowing schools to focus on their mission of providing first-class educational experiences to students.

We hope you'll follow along and share in the learning experiences. We welcome comments and sharing of ideas that benefit all who are interested in providing the best experiences to students everywhere.