And now a word to parents ...

It's no secret that our children are subjected to targeted advertising and marketing everywhere they go- whether it is online, on their phones, in print, radio, television. It's everywhere, even on school campuses, and has been for decades- sports programs, school newspapers, yearbooks, and other "sponsorships."
What SkoolLive strives to do is make sure that our kiosks enhance your student's school experience, providing the highest level of content control schools have ever had. All SkoolLive marketing adheres to the very strict SOPIPA (Student Online Personal Information Protection Act) guidelines, ensuring that no information is retained or used for any other purpose than that explicitly requested. And, 100% of the content on SkoolLive kiosks is pre approved by the schools themselves, providing further safeguards.

SkoolLive's mission is to give back to schools, especially in the climate of budget uncertainty most schools across the country find themselves in. Whether schools are raising money to fund additional teachers, or educational resources, or new helmets for the football team, SkoolLive works with schools and advertising partners to deliver the most efficient school network. With kiosks in more than 162 schools, across 13 states, reaching more than 287,000 students, SkoolLive has been growing its ability to help schools financially.
Kiosks cost schools nothing and deliver cash dividends to schools from advertising revenues, as well as fundraising campaigns. Furthermore, the kiosks greatly improve school-to-student communications, reduce the expense of printing news bulletins, and deliver realtime dissemination of news and updates. Additionally, via Student Shoutouts, families and friends can send custom tailored messages to students on campus, providing yet another way to positively reinforce the school experience.

Advertising and marketing to teens doesn't have to be a negative experience, and with SkoolLive, it becomes a supportive part of the student ecosystem.

The Benefits of Doubled Dividends

Who doesn't like getting an increased return on their efforts? There aren't many situations where it's possible to double the outcome of your input without absolutely Herculean effort, but there are occasions where it can happen.

One of the most effective programs schools and advertising partners can both benefit from is through fundraising campaigns. These efforts are win-wins for both parties; schools raise funds for various programs, likes clubs or teams, and advertisers bring people from the school communities into their businesses in lasting and engaging ways.

For schools, it can be a double-dipped reward; not only do the schools receive their normal advertising dividend from the ad sales, but they get the fundraising revenue generated at the advertising partner's business. The opportunity to fund various school needs, like new equipment for sports teams or classroom improvements, is potentially doubled.

For advertisers, the initial cost of participating in the SkoolLive kiosk ad campaign is greatly mitigated by the increased business created by the active participation of the school community in their businesses. Frequently, especially for local businesses or franchises, the school community continues to patronize the fundraising partners- often times out of lasting appreciation for their participation with the schools.

In the end, these fundraising programs prove to be a boon to both the school and advertiser, leading to longterm relationships.