A Partnership Where Everyone Wins

SkoolLive believes in the very real and extremely motivational power of Generation Z. We understand the impact this generation can have, which is why we strive to increase educational opportunities for students by building the right partnerships with both local and national supporters. By providing daily access to our interactive digital network, on-campus kiosks, along with your own Partnership Advocate to design a custom awareness campaign specific to your needs… You’re well on your way to improving campus life for students, while increasing brand exposure and creating the right brand awareness.

All schools are burdened by fundraising efforts that are needed to keep important student programs alive. Through responsible marketing campaigns that utilize the full extent of our digital network, SkoolLive can help you generate effective exposure for your business. More importantly, your business can have a lasting impact on local schools and create a bright future for students across the country.

Local-Hype or Hyper-Local?

The SkoolLive Network has the largest digital, Out-of-Home footprint for Generation Z in the USA. Through our hyper-local Network, you can geo-target content, layer messaging and engage a student audience daily. This means you are supporting local schools, while speaking to your target audience and building new relationships with the widest audience possible.

Are you a local business looking for local hype?

Click below to find out how you can support local schools and target your content to speak with a motivated Gen Z audience right in your community.

Local Hype

Are you a national brand looking for hyper-local campaigns?

Click below to find out how SkoolLive is working with National Partners to support students, schools, and the surrounding community.

Hyper Local

Want to Join the SkoolLive Network?

If you are interested in joining the SkoolLive network, or want to better understand how we can help your school improve communication with students, contact us today and one of our Campus Advocates will be in touch.