• Increase engagement with local students and the local community
  • Build a campaign that increases your digital exposure
  • Hold daily conversations on campus
  • Update your content to deliver fresh and seasonal messaging
  • Support Local schools and create new opportunities for local students

Fresh Eyes + Local Markets = More Brand Exposure

The SkoolLive network exists in schools throughout your local community, with an on-campus interactive footprint that increases your business’ exposure with local students. By actively supporting the young people that live in your community, SkoolLive can increase engagement with the very students that walk through your door and allow you to communicate with the local community using the full experience of the digital environment.

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Build the Local Community and Breathe New Life Into Your Business

SkoolLive is passionate about having a real impact in the local community. By advocating for our local schools and building relationships with their local community, SkoolLive can deliver your business very real, very quick exposure with the people in your hometown, and have a positive impact on the preexisting fundraising burden that’s required to keep student programs alive.

By becoming a recognized supporter, our interactive digital kiosks allow you to hold daily conversations with students in your immediate community. Through this exposure, we are able to increase opportunities for your business, highlight your support for local students and allow you to play an active role in the local community.

Recognized Skool Supporter
“Highlight your commitment to local community with a local audience.”

Local Business, Local Audience

Through our HyperLocal network, SkoolLive gives you daily access to an audience that lives in your community. Thanks to our on-campus network and strategic campaigns, your business can now have improved conversations with the local community, increasing awareness and driving more foot traffic to your store with the right people that live in your town.

“Hold daily conversations with local students in your town.”

Digital Kiosks are the Daily Hub for Campus Life

Students rely on the kiosks for vital school information that helps them stay up-to-date with everything relating to campus life. Your business lives there, embedded into this immersive, informative and impactful experience that is connecting schools, faculty, family and community to this powerful generation on-campus.

Combine WHAT YOU SAY with HOW YOU SAY IT in a new and exciting way.

The SkoolLive Advantage

By partnering with SkoolLive and our experience in communicating with the youth market, you can improve your current awareness campaign, gain instant access to our proven engagement strategy, and the ability to utilize the full extent of the digital environment through our interactive Kiosks.

  • Static Placement
  • Audio Capabilities
  • Video
  • Interactive Strategies
  • Acquisition

Utilizing the SkoolLive network, you now can run seasonal campaigns that tie directly to what is happening in your local community. One major advantage to Digital awareness is the ability to constantly update your messaging and keep content fresh, increasing the effectiveness of your campaign with this savvy student audience.

Understand How these Efforts Increase Traffic

One key advantage to digital exposure is the analytics and insights that come with each campaign. These campaign insights allow local businesses to be agile with their awareness strategy and monitor the success of each campaign individually. Our team of Partnership Advocates are ready to work with you and build a campaign based off your needs, providing real solutions to meeting your goals within your local community.

SkoolLive provides you with these valuable insights, allowing you to see tangible return for your investment.

93% of Parents say their Gen Z child will have at least some influence on their family’s spending and household purchases. [1] Issue being, you only have 7 seconds to gain their attention. So how do you stand out from the crowd?
[1] Cassandra Report: Gen z, Tweens/Teens

A generation of influence

The SkoolLive Solution

Contact SkoolLive to kick start your most effective and engaged local awareness campaign to date. With daily access to your target demographic that provides serious exposure and revenue opportunities for your business, our team of Partnership Advocates can build a campaign specific to you that creates a brighter future for local students and builds the local community.

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