• Largest Digital Out Of Home Network
  • Access to Captivated Gen Z Audience
  • DAILY Interactive Engagement on Campus
  • Hyper Local Targeting for a Hyper Connected Audience
  • Create New Opportunities for Students

Fresh Eyes + New Markets = More Brand Exposure

What would a conversation with captive Millennial / Gen Z kids be worth to your brand?

The SkoolLive Network is live in schools across the US, with an on-campus interactive footprint that can position your brand in front of a captive student audience daily. Allowing you to deliver fresh content daily, be intentional with brand messaging and targeted with the locations you want to reach.

Interested in fresh eyes and a new market? Campaigns designed to deliver effective messaging to digital natives? All with a very tangible ROI? Contact us now or continue reading.

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Breathe New Life Into Your Brand

SkoolLive has direct relationships with schools across the US, and a live oncampus Network that can deliver your brand very real, very quick exposure to new customers. Our interactive digital kiosks allow you to hold daily conversations with new students across campus, nationwide.

SkoolLive is committed to improving student opportunities on-campus, and now you can be too. With the experience our team has engaging the youth market, you gain instant access to our proven campaign strategy, all while supporting schools and helping students improve their education opportunities through the exposure you generate for your brand. Who wouldn’t want to talk about a brand committed to enriching the lives of our nation’s most powerful generation?

Support students across the country and create a conscious brand story

Digital Kiosks are the Daily Hub for Campus Life

Your brand lives here, embedded into this immersive, informative and impactful experience that is connecting schools, faculty, family and community to this powerful generation on-campus.

No Other Network Provides Hyper-Local Conversations

SkoolLive does not just offer exposure and brand awareness. Thanks to our interactive and strategic campaigns, your brand can have a very real conversation with target audiences across our network.

You can geo-target content specific to key markets around the country allowing you to be intentional with your brand message and effective in your conversation with our hyperconnected audience.


Generation Z, like no other generation before them, is looking for personalized conversations, specific to their interests.
A Generation of Influence

The SkoolLive Experience

Utilize the full experience of the SkoolLive Network:

  • Static Placement
  • Audio Capabilities
  • Video
  • Interactive Campaigns
  • Acquisition

93% of Parents say their Gen Z child will have at least some influence on their family’s spending and household purchases. [1] Issue being, you only have 7 seconds to gain their attention. So how do you stand out from the crowd?
[1] Cassandra Report: Gen z, Tweens/Teens

The SkoolLive Solution

Contact SkoolLive to kick start your most effective and engaged campaign to date. With daily access to your target demographic that provides serious exposure and revenue opportunities for your brand, our team of Campus Advocates can build a campaign specific to you that supports a brighter future for students across the country.

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